Their Words, Not Mine

I had the pleasure of working with Kristen for a few weeks on an engagement that was focused on change management communications and the launch of a new internal communications tool. Kristen was able to gain culture insights quickly and provide incredible value in a short amount of time. She is assertive, focused and customer centric – while she worked with us on a part time basis, we always felt we were at the forefront of her attention, and we felt heard and supported. Her capability is vast and deep, and she can perfectly balance strategic and tactical work in support of the client’s needs. I would work with Kristen again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Kristen!
Cristina C
Director Internal Communications at large grocery chain on the East Coast
Kristen has truly mastered the art of listening - with intent to understand before seeking to be understood - and of tailoring her offerings to the unique needs, wants, fears, and aspirations of those that she serves. She shows up as a human first and foremost in each relationship, no matter who she is dealing with or what problem she is trying to solve. I learned a lot from Kristen on tailoring messages, prioritization of deliverables with the most value and impact, and keeping what matters most, those we serve, top of mind. I'd love the opportunity to work with her again!
Samantha Wright
Former Colleague
Kristen supported our content and communications strategy for several months across 2020 and into 2021, and she was a tremendous contributor to our team. She runs the breadth from strategic to tactical, helping us consider our messaging strategy and focus, evaluating our website, and building an incredibly productive piece of content to help generate demand for our public sector tech solution. As part of the same demand effort, she helped design and execute several virtual events and is a poised and engaging host and speaker. She brings great ideas and connections to the table and can take an initial idea and really develop it / make it sing. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kristen again - she was a pleasure to work with and integrated seamlessly into our team, even working beyond her initial scope to help us onboard new team members.
Martha Mathers
Former Vice President, Marketing, Granicus
Kristen did an excellent job advising students on projects as both an alumnus of the program and as a professional communicator. The students have nothing but positive things to say about her counsel on their course work. Not only is Kristen knowledgeable about communications, but she an all-around great person to work with!
Cylor Spaulding, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Public Relations ​at California State University, Fullerton
I had the privilege of working for Kristen at Healthpoint in Abu Dhabi, UAE and the first thing that struck me — and remained true throughout our relationship at work — was how humane she was in her leadership. Not only did she continuously make herself available for myself and the marketing team that worked under her, but she went a step further by making us all feel like a family that can achieve great things together. "Having worked in a variety of industries for nearly a decade, I can safely say that these attributes are very rare and for that reason, among many more, Kristen would doubtlessly be a most valuable member and leader to any organization.
Fady Kiriakides
Digital Media Practitioner
With a proactive mindset, fact-based challenges, and personal commitment to project success, Kristen worked with both the business and technology teams to rapidly and clearly articulate our long-term vision and build and implement a highly effective strategy, and at the same time to sustainably strengthen our internationally and quite culturally diversified global team. Kristen helped us get through considerable detail to highlight where we needed to concentrate our efforts in order to achieve our goals and generate real results. She worked with all facets of business to build strong trust relationships that contributed to the overall success of the project.​
Hephzibah Lobo
Data Architect
It is rare to come across a communications professional that is as accomplished as Kristen. I was particularly impressed with her willingness to develop a deep understanding of complex company issues in order to provide the optimal communications plan.
Bonnie Lowry
Healthcare, Writer and Market Research Consultant
Kristen has been a welcomed addition to our adjunct faculty team. Her high-energy, commitment to quality results, and ability to engage with clients across industries has brought tremendous value to the college and its clients alike! I would, without hesitation, recommend Kristen to others.
Janet Ladd
Senior Director, Corporate Services and Workforce Development, Carroll Community College
Some would say that the most critical phase of a student’s education is the final phase just before they graduate. It is at that point that one is required to demonstrate they have met or exceeded the educational requirements for obtaining their degree. Kristen set the standard for what it means to be both a teacher and mentor. As a former student, I was fortunate enough to have Kristen as my teacher-advisor in the CAPSTONE course for Georgetown University’s Public Relations and Corporate Communications program. Not only did she guide me toward bringing out the best qualities that would enhance the delivery of my final project, but she also mentored me during what turned out to be the most challenging phase of my life as I was transitioning out of the military from active duty. She is an extremely talented communications professional who drives individuals to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations. As one of the best communications consultants out there, I highly recommend Kristen’s services. You will not regret it!
Lisa Lawrence
Georgetown University Graduate
I worked with Kristen for a year as her supervisor in the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program. From the start, I knew that she was going to be a thorough and thoughtful advocate for a child, but she far exceeded even my high expectations. She became a trusted adult for a young woman who was struggling with addiction and trauma and desperately needed a role model. The court highly valued her clear-eyed assessments, made with both compassion and objectivity. I wish all CASA volunteers could be as effective as Kristen!
Jennifer Johnson
Supervisor, CASA Maryland
I have nothing but the highest praise for Kristen, who has provided outstanding counsel and advice in support of one of our most important public-private campaigns in the UAE. "In 2016, I sought out Kristen to work on our October campaign, Discover America (DA), which is of major commercial importance to the U.S. Mission in the UAE. Although Kristen’s initial scope was to provide counsel on messaging and strategy, she quickly assumed a larger role that included oversight and implementation of DA web and app development, social media messaging, and stakeholder engagement. "Though she was based in the US, I could count on Kristen to be online with my team at 4am (often earlier) to supervise other elements of the campaign. Through and through, she brilliantly delivered on target, on time, and on benefit. I hired her again for DA 2017 as both the scope and scale has grown, building upon the foundational work that Kristen helped lay. "In sum, whenever Kristen assumes management of a project, she maintains faultless control and takes it down the road to success. I am always impressed by her professionalism, creativity, and responsiveness, and very much look forward to collaborating with her on future diplomatic engagements.
Dao Le
Former Senior Commercial Counselor, Gulf Cooperative Council, US Department of Commerce
On Day One of our project, Kristen walked through the door with confidence and grace, and hit the ground running. It was clear, she was missing from our project. She brought up ideas that were creative and exactly what we needed. The impact she had on our team was immeasurable. She masterfully handled a lot of the communication and change support at the CFO level to every field office in the country. Her guidance and leadership was essential to our success.
Robyn Collins
Project Management Professional
Kristen is a very relational person and a talented communicator. She was an asset to our team given her strategic thinking skills, keen attention to detail and passion for excellence. The content she delivered helped stakeholders engage in the change with confidence in the team and the product itself. I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with Kristen again.
Stephanie Arconti
Product Owner