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About QCC

My mission is to inspire our clients’ quiet confidence so that hard work feels easy.

I used to believe that the loudest voice was the strongest, no matter how hollow its words. Maturity has since taught me that real strength is displayed when mastery meets modesty. In other words: quiet confidence.

October 2013: UAE's newest resident!

Founder, Quiet Confidence Consulting

QCC offers clients a global perspective based on my experience as a second-generation American and my work at the following international organizations:

I Take Pride in Being A Strategic Creative

I Care Deeply About Our Audience

I specialize in global and multicultural, and internal and change communications.

I Inspire Action Through Words

I develop communications and change strategies in order to inspire action through the written word (such as op-eds, speeches and other content for executive byline or general audiences.)

I Seek to Pass It On

Over the years, I’ve instructed hundreds of adult learners. It’s a pure joy to inspire quiet confidence in my students as well!

We partner with a network of graphic/web and instructional designers, translators, and other professionals based on your needs.

What Sets QCC Apart?


Research & Relationships

My work begins with intensive research and relationship-building so that anything that I recommend is credible, relevant, and practical.


Critical & Creative Thinking

As a "strategic creative," I own all work from planning through to evaluation.


Efficient Billing

QCC’s support comes with none of the industry-standard inefficient billing layers or padded fees, even when I use my network of talented designers, translators and other specialists.