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QCC strives to inspire our partners’ quiet confidence
so that hard work feels easy.

"Hey Kristen,

You chose 'Quiet Confidence' for your company's name? Won't that seem counterintuitive to clients who need to take
bold action?"

I used to believe that the loudest voice was the strongest, no matter how hollow its words. Maturity has since taught me that real strength is displayed when mastery meets modesty. In other words: quiet confidence.

Writer and Founder,
Quiet Confidence Consulting

What Sets QCC Apart?


Research & Relationships

QCC begins with intensive research and relationship-building so that our work is credible, relevant, and practical. Part of QC is playing to your strengths. Part of QCC is total client immersion, supported by years of in-house experience.


Critical & Creative Thinking

After we think critically, we implement creatively. As "strategic creatives," we take pride in owning our work from planning through to evaluation, giving you a consistent partner throughout your project.


Efficient Billing

Because we like being a boutique firm, our support comes with none of the industry-standard inefficient billing layers or padded fees.

I partner with a network of graphic/web and instructional designers, translators, and other professionals based on your needs.

What We Do

We Care Deeply About Our Audience

We specialize in global and multicultural, and internal and change communications.

We Inspire Action Through Words

We develop cross-functional strategies and inspire action through the written word, including op-eds, speeches and other content for executive byline or general audiences.

We Seek to Pass It On

Over the years, we’ve instructed hundreds of adult learners in business communications. It’s a passion and pure joy to inspire quiet confidence in our students as well as clients!

How We Do It

As Strategic Creatives, we take pride in owning our work from planning through to evaluation.

We also guide our performance from a place of
quiet confidence by:

Helping Leaders

Lead from an authentic and comfortable posture

Empowering Clients

and making our presence feel invisible

Continuously Learning

and keeping up with management, writing, and design theory

I have worked in-house for these organizations,
giving me perspective on global business
and communications for the benefit
of QCC clients.